Brian Willsher 'puzzle' sculpture

Signed. Mahogany wood

Brian Willsher (1930-2010). Increasingly sought after and hard to find 'puzzle' sculpture, probably from the 1970s. The piece is signed to the bottom (the 'puzzle' scultures, are not normally) and helpfully he's added the wood type-mahogany!

Willsherhad a one man show at Heal's in The 1960s, but normally marketed and sold his sculptures personally. A tall piece at 30.5cm high. time to invest! £THIS ONE SOLD, ANOTHER COMING IN

ron hitchins wall plaque

20 Individually created ceramic tiles

 I have created this wall plaque from tiles taken from a Ron Hitchins mirror which unfortunately met with a mishap! The ceramic tiles are all original as Ron Hitchins made and coloured them, I have just mounted them onto a new backing board and put a frame around them. not professionally done, but, I think, fairly effective! Each frame is approx. 23cm x 28cm. Only £SOLD.

Dansk Brass Candlesticks

Designed by Jens Quistgaard


Designed by Jens Quistgaard, mid 1950s, for Dansk Designs, Denmark. A delightful, sculptural form, these will give your room instant 'Hygge'! The candleholder cup can be unscrewed and the piece turned upside down to make a small vase. One of the most collectable Dansk pieces. Good condition. Approx 24cm high. £185 the pair.

Bornholm Denmark

Large Pottery bowl

Produced in the Danish island, south of Sweden, an extraordinarily creative hub. The name most associated with Bornholm is Michael Anderson, but I do not know if this piece is by his hand. Made from a lovely groggy clay and left unglazed to the outside. The inside is a delightful mix of turquoise, blues and greens and many, many more colours. It really comes to life in the light. Diameter of 29cm and height 7.5cm. £SOLD

Robert Stewart cushion cover

Macrahanish fabric


Macrahanish (sic) fabric was designed by Scot Robert Stewart in 1954 and sold through Liberty.
​This cushion cover was made using new fabric produced with permission to  his original design. 
​Approximately 15" square. Sold without inner cushion. £35.

Pentti Sarpaneva Bronze Pendant

Designed and made in Finland, 1960s


Beautiful Pentti Sarpaneva (1925-78) cast bronze pendant on chain. Pentti Sarpaneva was the brother of better known Timo. Pentti Sarpaneva started in graphic design, but soon graduated to jewellery design, influenced by the forms of the Finnish countryside.
His unusual, bold designs were not initially well received, but are now highly prized and collectable. The main body is approx. 8.5cm long. Fully stamped to underside. Good condition, with some scratches . original chain.  £75.

Pentti Sarpaneva Bronze Pendant 2

Designed and made in Finland, 1960s


Another great cast bronze pendant by Pentti Sarpaneva of Finland. Slightly smaller than the one above approx 6.5cm long. These have been hard to photograph, but are a rich golden colour, with patina. Again a striking, statement design, this one also marked P. Sarpaneva and in excellent condition. Original chain. £75.

Hand carved Chestnut wood Sculpture

'Applause', G Saffir


I know very little about this lovely sculpture. I can't find any reference to the artist, but it is certainly an accomplished piece of work. It came from the estate of the celebrated English Architect Leslie Gooday OBE. An extremely decorative carving, it stands approximately 33cm tall.  £185.